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When all the pieces came together with such ease. Five guys from Central Pennsylvania just knew they were onto something. With all five having musical influences such as rock, hard rock, modern country, traditional country, southern rock and bluegrass they knew they had something special. Whiskey On The Rocks was formed in 2018 when three members Ryan Alan, Corey McCartney and Cody Ross Smith then an acoustic trio went into the studio to record their single Biggest Mistake I Never Made. When enlisting the help of Jonathan Lebo to lay the bass track the trio quickly found out that Lebo’s brother Zack Lebo was in fact a drummer. This chain of events was the beginning of WOTR and Biggest Mistake I Never Made went on to be the bands first single which was released in 2019. Since then the band has gone on to release three more singles Live It Up (2020), Blame It On The Whiskey (2020), Hell Yeah (2021) and have a new single called Captain America coming out in early 2022. 

WOTR has gone on to become one of the top country bands in Central Pennsylvania. With three CPMA (Central Pennsylvania Music Awards) nominations the band has quickly gained notoriety inside and out of the local music scene. Couple this with playing many shows a year including anything and everything they can do for their community. WOTR has quickly become a fan favorite.

At the end of 2021 WOTR signed a record deal with Spin Doctors Music Group Nashville for the release of their single Captain America in 2022. The signing of this contract marks the beginning of a new area for this band. With radio tours, expansion to new states, trips to Nashville and new music. The future sure looks bright for five guys from Central Pennsylvania who just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

For More information on Whiskey on The Rocks please go to our website: www.whiskeyontherockspa.com

Whiskey On The Rocks – Captain America

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