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riverfront promotions h50Riverfront Promotions is a radio promotion company focused on approximately 150 influential “non-reporting” tertiary radio markets. It is our newest company and offers very affordable radio promotion targeted to the artist interested in obtaining radio airplay in a specific region, or on these cherry picked radio stations.

These markets sell lots of music, and live the lifestyle our music promotes. As with our other companies, our radio relationships in these markets are excellent and we get documented results for our artist clients.

Discovering and Promoting New Artist

Riverfront Promotions is an affordable option for the aspiring artist who wants to achieve radio airplay and credibility in the music industry. Riverfront is geared towards those who have arrived in Nashville with “the dream” of being heard and given a chance.

We operate under the same foundations of success behind parent company, Brock Entertainment, 100% transparency along with providing our clients with honesty and integrity during their career.

Radio Promotion: Radio promotions lies at the core of Riverfront Promotions. A recent study suggested that 80% of Country Music fans still look to their local radio stations for breaking new artist and songs. It is our goal to get our Riverfront Promotions Artist Roster visibility in front of radio.

Many of the 150 radio stations we call on are also reporting stations that are important to the furthering of the artist career. Each artist will receive a detailed “tracking report” once a week detailing their single’s current position within radio.

Out Of The Box Thinking: The fans of Country Music have changed, their listening outlets are more diversified, & their ability to discover new artist has become easier. Riverfront Promotions was founded on the idea that not every artist can afford to “go all in” financially with their career. We understand that many artist have to maintain a second, or third, job just to make ends meet. That’s why our cost structure is unmatched in the music industry.

With Riverfront Promotions, you’ll receive 12-weeks of radio promotions to 150 radio stations across the country. Other services are offered on an A’ la carte basis. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing your music will be offered up for digital download delivery to hundreds of radio stations via the services of CDX.

Prestige: There is certainly a different ring to your name when you take on the “Nashville Recording Artist” title. The buzz that single phrase can generate will help propel you to new heights in the world of artistry and playing live shows. Now you stand out from many of your peers in a way that commands respect.

Peace of mind, affordability, exposure, and trust. Four words that mark the cornerstones of Riverfront Promotions. We welcome any questions regarding our services and are eager to talk with any artist that wants to get their work heard. We look forward to working with you!

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