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Hey, I’m Austin Adkins, a Signed SMG Recording Artist and the lead Singer/Songwriter for The Coal Dust Hollar Band! West Virginia native and Tri State boy, I grew up on Charlie Daniels, Waylon Jennings, and Johny Cash by way of tapes my dad had. Traditional country music is a major driving force in my music. Even though I play and write more modern sounding songs, I still believe in writing lyrics that tell a story and that have meaning. Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy my music as much as I enjoy creating it for y’all And feel free to email or message me for a preview of my setlist!

For a bit more about me, read on!

Austin Adkins was born in Wayne County, West Virginia on January 19th, 1995. Through the years, Austin grew very fond of artists such as Garth Brooks, George Strait, Keith Whitley & fellow West Virginia native, Brad paisley. Growing up between the small towns of Wayne & Fort Gay, WV, Austin had a very few number of things he could do in his free time, so when he wasn’t in school or playing football, he was usually at home or with friends playing the guitar, singing, writing songs & honing his craft.
When Austin
turned 18 he got a job working for the Painters Union out of Knoxville, TN (Local 437) & got sent on a job to Bristol, TN. There, he stayed a few months until the completion of the job, after which he & the rest of his family decided to move to Clarksville, TN,, then to Columbia, TN, which is roughly half an hour from Nashville. When Austin turned 21 & was legally able to get into the bars & local music hot spots, it was then he decided he wanted to pursue music as his sole career path. In Columbia, TN & Ardmore, AL Austin played a few shows in those next months. Sadly for the family, His grandfather passed shortly after, so he & his family came back to WV to take care of the properties left behind. After a short while of grieving, Austin decided it was time to buckle down & start his music again. With just a few shows down south under his belt, Austin reach out to a friend who played cajon (Jessey) to join him, began getting booked & just a few weeks later, he started getting booked up one month in advance, then two & even opened up for Singer/Songwriters Glen Templeton & Rick Ferrel! Unfortunately, Jessey’s back gave out on him & so Austin had to find a replacement. After a year & a half of going through Drummers, Bassists & Lead Players, Austin finally formed his band: Coal Dust Hollar! (Named after the first song he wrote about his home in WV). Now, after coming home to WV, not only are there Bars, Clubs, Private Events, Fairs & Festivals, all around the Tri-State & further reaching out to book Austin, but he was also offered a contract with MC1 Nashville in early 2020! Ultimately due to the uncertainties that the Covid-19 virus would have brought on the entertainment industry, he turned the offer down, for now.

Facts About Austin
1. His unique style of songwriting blends traditional storytelling along with more modern beats.
2. His songs, while still classified as country, have a Genre-Feel of Rock, Blues, Pop, as well as the more standard country feel.

  1. He does a wide variety of covers from Thomas Rhett, Brantley Gilbert, & George Strait to Tom Petty, The Animals,Green Day, all the way to Mike Posner, Niall Horan & even R Kelly!
  2. As a child he was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a higher functioning form of Autism, but decided to overcome the stigma & used this disease to better himself. (Fun Fact: Renowned composer Mozart had Aspergers!)
  3. Austin (Solo or with his band) Has been requested many times to stay over 1,2 or even 3 hours after the show because the customers enjoy the performance so much, spending some nights playing from 10 at night to 5 in the morning!.
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