Mike Hernandez


Mike Hernandez has been in the music industry since 2011.  He releases his first album in 2015 with 3 singles released to TRRR charts.  Mike has released his own music and figured out the ways of the music industry independently since the beginning.  During this time his father began to become very ill, and at this time Mike was living in Nashville starting his 2nd album, now titled “Battle Scars”.  While living out his dreams, his father took a turn for the worst while Mike was recording his 3rd new song and EPK in Nashville.  He said “ I had just finished recording my EPK with Buddy Hyatt and got back to motel, when I got the call from my mother, Sandy Hernandez; that my father had passed”.  He was beyond devastated and picked up and moved back to Texas to take care of his mother.  He had spoken with his father before he went to Nashville to continue his dream of recording songs that would touch the world in some form or another.  He said “my dad told me to get off my ass, and finish what I started, not to worry about him, that all will be as it should”.  Now with not only loosing his father,  he had to endure the same agonizing pain of loosing a parent again,  this time his beloved mother,  his world…Sandy Hernandez.  She passed on December 10th,  2023 in Andrews, TX  after having a massive heart attack.   He is more focused than ever to do what he set out to do,  and that is to full fill his dream and goal in music.  

       During this time after his fathers passing, Mike said he just didn’t care about anything anymore, and that included his long time love for singing and performing, since he was 6 years old.  He made bad decisions and was hoping and praying that someone, somewhere would take his life.  Truly in pain and suffering without his best friend, teacher, and hero.  Mike stayed out of the music scene for over 5 years, and he said one day that “ man I was dreaming like I was actually speaking with my father, and spent time with him reminiscing over our time together, him teaching me how to survive and support myself, and then at the end of the dream, it was like he kicked me in my ass and said son, quit wasting time and finish what you started.  I woke up from that dream and literally felt like every ounce of what I was feeling and going thru was just taken away, and I was back”.  He started co-writing, writing, and recording songs that would and do chill you to the bone.  Songs such as “The Forgotten Son”, talking about Alzheimer’s, or “Pour Me Something Strong”, talking about losing his love of his life, and of course the killer song and debut single off of his 2nd album “Battle Scars”, released in honor of all the veterans that have served in peace time and war, and to there familys.  Mike Hernandez is a Marine Corps Veteran that is 100% Permanent & Total disabled.  He served from 1994 – 2000.  The song “Battle Scars” he is donating parcial proceeds to a veteran organization that will truly use the money for family’s of veterans that gave the ultimate sacrifice, and to veterans that come back to nothing but disarray and confusion as to how the world treats them.

       Mike has opened up for numerous superstars and legends that included stars such as “Lee Greenwood”, “Doug Supernaw”, “Dwight Yoakum”, “Kevin Fowler”, “Wade Bowen”, and so much more.  He has played CMA Music Fest from 2014-2017, he was entertainer act for Carnival Cruise lines in 2016, has toured thru out Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Wyoming, Tennessee, and many more.  He is back and he is hungrier than ever to get his music out to the world. 

       Mike Hernandez is bilingual fluently, and man oh man does he have some bilingual songs that will knock you on your tush.  He is holding back no bars or tears this time around, and will be a force to be reckoned  with trust my words!!  So without further adieu please welcome with an open heart and soul, Nashville, and Texas recording artist  “Mike Hernandez”








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