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presley-and-taylor-Heart-Over-Mind-200x202Presley & Taylor are country music’s new sister duo and rising stars!

The country duo embraces a stone-cold country sound with God given sister harmonies. 

Raised in a small farm town in New England, sisters Presley (rounding the corner to turn 20) and Taylor (who is 18) were surrounded by acres and acres of green pasture freedom in Connecticut and raised by the Golden Rule to learn the value of hard work, self-respect and to respect others.

They spent much of their childhood alongside their family of talented musicians listening to traditional country music trendsetters (Tammy Wynette, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis and Tanya Tucker) that paved their way to become legends in the genre.

“We just knew we wanted to sing together; so we practiced along with songs on the radio. After years of listening to, and learning from, our family, the harmonies just fell out of the sky when we were singing along to ‘The House That Built Me’ (Miranda Lambert). It was an ‘awe’ moment!”

Sibling Bond

More than just a “dynamic sister duo,” the siblings are inseparable friends on and off the stage. Both attended private school and performed in various musicals where their mutual passion for music blossomed in tandem. Although Taylor currently attends high school while Presley studies Business Administration at Sacred Heart University, the two are devoted to set aside time to write, record and perform together.

“We’re best friends. We can completely be ourselves with one another; we get each other and we trust one another. Often times, we’ll look at one another and know exactly what the other is thinking. We’ll even finish one another’s sentences. A lot of people think we’re twins because we are just so in tune with one another.”

The gal’s tight-knit, sisterly bond, stellar vocal instruments, natural harmonies and shared passion for traditional country music define Presley & Taylor as genuine, talented entertainers. The millennial’s artistic goal is to create music with a familiar throwback sound, amidst modern concepts as the Presley & Taylor signature.

Staying True To Themselves

“We’ve never followed the trends—what’s happening on the radio today, or in any other aspect of our lives or lifestyle. While some people might think it is courageous to step back in time with our music, we’re secure in our direction because it’s right for us. We’re in tune with who we are artistically and what we want our sound to be.”

Launching their music careers as “official,” Presley & Taylor cut their teeth in the studio to record a project “just for fun” and the fun took flight to escalate into a promising career.  They released their first EP, at just 14 and 16 years old, titled ALL KINDS OF BEAUTIFUL in 2012. The project highlights the song craftsmanship of some of Music Row’s most sought-after songwriters (Amanda Williams, Rachel Proctor, Donny Kees, Monty Holmes, Doug Johnson and Skip Ewing to name a few).

The teenage duo’s first two singles (”Looking For A Cowboy”/”Kickin’ Back”) achieved Top 40 chart status and their third single (titled “While You Were Gone”) ranked at No. 30 on the national MusicRow Country Breakout Chart.  Keeping the upward momentum, their most recent single (“My Home Town”) topped out at #25. 

New Music

“Our new music comes with more experience and emotion. It reflects chapters of our lives with story songs about love and fun. We also cut the George Jones/Patty Loveless tune ‘If My Heart Had Windows;’ it’s one of our all-time favorites. We’ve learned a lot in the studio. We get to hear every aspect of the composition, piece-by-piece and that’s how we picked out our parts. Now, having recorded in the studio, we don’t listen to music the same way. We have a totally different insight and knowledge about how vocals and instrumentals come together.”

‘Heart Over Mind’ (featuring Pam Tillis)

Exceptional Talent

Described as “the real deal” and “absolutely brilliant” by radio execs, the “neo traditional” Presley & Taylor embrace the sound of stone cold country music and traditions, while adding a whimsical charm with their absolute vocals and impeccable harmonies, and song content created with meaning and substance. Presley & Taylor originals highlight contemporary storylines that dial into millennial relationships and sentiments of today’s young, up-to-the-minute generation. 

Presley & Taylor have shared the stage with award-winning entertainers and hit-makers such as Martina McBride, Ashton Shepard, Bucky Covington, Janie Fricke, Sarah Darling, Jamie O’Neal, The Willis Clan Buddy Jewell and Restless Heart.  They’ve become regular performers at Tootsies Orchid Lounge, The Palm, the Hard Rock Café, Margaritaville and Ernest Tubb Record shop; and they have made a number of in-studio, special guest appearances on WSM-650AM radio in the heart of Music City.

Presley & Taylor are poised to lay the tracks for the fast-moving train destined to transport the gals “arrival” as career recording artists here to stay.

Visit Presley & Taylor’s full website HERE.

Their music is also available for download.

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