Dalton Gray

Dalton Gray was born in Bryan, Texas. As soon as he could talk at 2 years old, singing was clearly to be a natural piece of his future. Dalton wrote songs and scripts and was fascinated with instruments as early as 5 years old.
Dalton’s family located to Austin, TX for his 8th grade year through High School. Being located in Music City, Texas proved to be a fertile ground to develop versatile skills and get a taste of music on a regular basis. By 15, Dalton was leading church band, hosting open mic at the Legendary Hills Cafe, and sneaking backstage for the Free Texas Music Series to rub shoulders with the acts that were and are still blazing through the Texas music scene. After meeting Kevin Fowler who was at the time the highest grossing Texas touring act, Kevin took Dalton on as a ranch hand and gave him an opportunity at the big stage. These experiences motivated the decision to pursue music full time after graduation and play every honkytonk, festival, and bar Dalton could manage to break into which include Broken Spoke, Cheatham St., Billy Bobs, Nutty Brown, Hills Cafe, Circleville Store, Cotton Club, River Road Ice House, College Station venues, Stockyards Venues, and many more in Texas. After being a regional and state finalist on Nashville Star and Texaco Country Showdown, Dalton took a job at Peterbilt Motors assembly line to begin paying for his first record. Trips to Nashville to play at the Bluebird Cafe, Cowriting, and honing his guitar craft were all ongoing as he spent 2.5 years developing the freshman sound of “Guitars and Good Times” which gave Dalton the opportunity to hit the road full time when it was completed. The song “Knockout Girl” was his first Music Row song and the voice behind the music was given high reviews by Joe Kelley of CDX and many radio DJ’s. When Dalton Located to Nashville full time, Broadway opened its arms and Tootsies, Rippy’s, Honkytonk Central were a 24/7 job right away. Dalton also began writing and developing a unique sound and catalogue with prolific songwriters in Nashville as soon as he began his journey there. Since taking on music full time in 2013, Dalton has played altogether over 1000 festivals, bars, casinos, weddings, corporate events, and clubs in TX, OK, LA, MS, AL, NC, KY, TN, OH, GA, and FL. The catalogue of songs is in the 100’s and the cowriters are a very respected bunch in Nashville and Texas. He has now completed his sophomore album “Hanging the Moon” and is preparing to release the versatile sound to pop, rock, americana, country, and international markets. His performances are filled with distinctive vocal delivery and heartfelt passion. His band “Dalton brings a high energy original show of songs that are stylistically unique blending classic rock, country, and pop and a lot of soul. These Texas charms are winning hearts touring between Texas and TN full time currently and have 2 radio singles before the year is up as well as the “Hanging the Moon” album release in August 2017. They are based out of Austin TX. The talent and passion behind the story of Dalton Gray and the Space Cowboys is ever unfolding and will leave an unforgettable impression wherever it is witnessed



Dalton Gray – Gasoline and Whiskey

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