Steve Zuwala

Steve is an award-winning Country Music Songwriter. Since 2003 Steve has written, produced and performed 8 #1 international singles through Lamon Records, Glory Train Records, Hill Topper, NCM, HMA and others. His singles include “So Help Me God”, “Between You and Me”, “Tough Guys”, “Next in Line”, “Toes in the Sand” and others. His 2017 single “Closer” was #73 on the Music Row Country Music Charts, #1 Independent Music Charts, #19 AMC Charts, #1 Airplay Express

Steve currently lives in Maui Hawaii where he is working on his third album “Dark Horse” which includes his latest single “Sometimes”.

“If I were to describe my music style, I would say eclectic. I like to mix it up a bit”, Steve says. “ country rock, ballads with a message and songs that provoke thought like my latest single “Sometimes”. 

“I think I enjoy the Country and Rock music of the 70’s and 80’s more than than the selection that is currently played on the radio. Today, there seems to the same artists, same music style and same theme or topic. Its time to shake it up a bit. Take the pop out of country bring back the Country Music styles of the old George Strait, Tim McGraw Garth Brooks as an example. I hope to be a part of that change.

You can find Steve’s music at all major music distributors including, and more. You can also visit for updates on the latest music, videos, shows and merchandise.



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