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Smiley Mikey – U Hate Love

Dump that dude! Smiley Mikey releases country-pop single —anthem for young women — U HATE LOVE

RENO, Nev. — U Hate Love — Smiley Mikey’s latest song — springs from rootsy rock and country and grabs the listener right off with a cranky honky-tonk guitar intro and catchy riff — then earworms into the brain with a simple and infectious, singalong pop melody.

And the lyrical message is straight from a young woman’s heart, smacking her ex-boyfriend upside his narcissistic head about his prototypical young-dude shortcomings in the romance department.

U Hate Love features the vocals of young Nashville-based vocalist K.T. Elspeth on lead and Los Angeles-based K. Karrasch on background. Aaron Jury (get this young ax-man on your radar!) is the guitarist.

“Guess I channeled my own misguided youth and put myself in the shoes of female romantic interests,” Smiley Mikey (aka songwriter Michael Sion) explains.

“This is a song women and men, alike, can relate to. And — as always — earworm melodies, fresh and important lyrics that spurn clichés, top-notch vocals with well-enunciated deliveries, and studio performances from young and prodigiously talented, as-yet-unsigned musicians are the elements of my recording.”

Will radio — and the music industry, at large — take note?

Smiley Mikey hopes so.

“This song passed the first litmus test: Everyone who hears it starts dancing to it. As the YouTube video shows — it’s a natural song for a country line dance! It’s fun, it’s catchy — and it’s got a message. That gives it that instant feel of familiarity as well as a timeless quality. Maybe it’ll even wake up some young women to act on their relationship frustrations by dumping their dudes!”

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