The term “power couple” certainly comes to mind when reviewing the work of American romantic country duo Poppyiris – Deedee O’Malley and Mike Lusk have been building up their respective careers for some time, and have indeed done some amazing things. To her credit, O’Malley is a Los Angeles Music Awards singer/songwriter of the year, and has written and starred in her own one-woman musical winning best actress at the Valley Theatre Awards. Lusk has enjoyed over 20 years as the bassist and backup singer for none other than Ms. Loretta Lynn, and is a Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards International Artist Of The Year. Not bad!

As Poppyiris (a name that merges the state flowers of their respective homes of California and Tennessee), the twosome have been quickly grabbing attention with a series of hits that have prepared us for their latest record, Love Just Knows. We asked this “crossover country band with an R&B influence” for an idea of what to expect from the work – they said prepare for “A lot of great timeless love songs that are not cliché’. Their music videos are shot in beautiful spacious locations, where once you watch one, no matter how cooped up you may feel, you are bound to feel extroverted.

“With a natural musicality and user-friendly presentation Poppyiris showcased songs that a varied demographic can relate to. This duo has so much synergy that you pine a little to know more about them and what motivates their songwriting”.-Ellen Woloshin (Music Connection Magazine)

“Greener Where You Are,” which is a heartwarming love song about taking the time to communicate, to make a relationship really work in the long run. The sweet and sentimental tonality of the lyrics are in turn matched by the music — with open acoustics, smooth Americana harmonies and an absolutely killer mandolin part, the song is like an aural depiction of the heartland.” -Joe Vitagliano (American Songwriter).


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