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Next Generation Marketing and Publicity Logo-250x179Next Generation Marketing provides stellar social media services for musicians, music industry companies, artists, publishing companies, organizations, and pretty much everyone involved in a music business career.

Having a well-crafted social media plan is paramount to success. It is arguably, the best platform to “tell your story” and build your fan base. Social media is not just about having more “likes”. It is about having REAL followers and fans. Next Generation Marketing will help you craft your social media plan, with realistic, concrete goals.

We’ll market to your fans, super fans, and identify the proper demographics to reach the most people possible. We can help you set up your platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, plus, we will help develop and build your You Tube Channel and teach you how to benefit from streaming on Spotify and others.

What about your website? Is your site compelling? Will your fans visit your site often? We work with an extremely creative web design team who can build an amazing website that will really stand out, both on a computer and on a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device which helps you be as visible as you can be.

Social Media is about sharing, engaging, and networking with YOUR fan base, and mostly about creating a community of fans who, most likely will want to support you and your efforts. We will help you learn to give the fan a “reason” to follow you.

Next Generation Marketing can create YOUR brand, and using the brand across all the platforms.

Our social media team is very savvy and will work with you every step of the way to create campaigns that translate into followers, and ultimately more revenue for you.

Next Generation Marketing is a subsidiary of The Spin Doctors Music Group. We offer social media and marketing services on an ala-carte basis.

In todays world, one size fits all simply doesn’t work anymore. We can craft a plan of action that will work for you and within your budget. We will always be transparent and honest in any business dealings, and will promote YOUR music and YOUR brand with the highest degree of passion and intensity possible. That is “The Spin Doctors Difference”.

Please contact us for more details and pricing. We would love to be the team that gets it done for you.

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