Linde LaChance

Linde LaChance grew up in Franklin Tennessee and has been in the heart of the Nashville music scene all her life.  In May of 2018 she graduated Magna Cum Laude from  Belmont University majoring in Music Business and works as an Ice-Girl for the Nashville Predator’s Energy Team.  On top of it all, Linde is the first Belmont student to not only have a song break into the Billboard Country Indicator Chart at number 54 with her song “Where We’d Be”, but she was the only independent artist and one of only seven female artists that were in the top 60 in that time frame, the others being Miranda Lambert (RCA), Carly Pierce (Big Machine), Lauren Alaina (Mercury), Maren Morris (Columbia), Kelsea Ballerini (Black River) and Danielle (Big Machine).

For the Love of Music

Linde’s love for music was cultivated at a young age while growing up in the Music City. From watching her parents play professionally, to school musicals and choir concerts, to dance team and figure skating, Linde found a love for songwriting and performing.  Linde attributes much of her passion for music—especially country music—songwriting, and performing to her formative years. “I grew up on country music. I can remember sitting in a car seat as a toddler singing along with my sister to the Dixie Chicks’ “Goodbye Earl”. We used to dress up and put on shows for the family where we would sing and dance along to our favorite songs.”

Linde’s desire to sing and perform blended organically with her long-time hobby as an avid reader and writer; she wrote over 12 songs for her debut album, Searching for Something. “I’ve always loved writing. I love to read, so writing was just something I naturally wanted to try. I’ve kept journals since I was in kindergarten, but it wasn’t until high school that I picked up an old guitar and just started writing songs.” Working with some of Nashville’s best musicians, as well as the late Grammy-winning Producer Milan Bogdan, Linde’s album reveals her musical growth from her roots in country with touches in pop and folk music. On working with Milan Bogdan, Linde remarks that “Milan was a dear friend of my family. My album was the last project he worked on before his untimely passing. I dedicate this album to him and will always remember him as the man who thought everyday was ‘Fantastic!’”

The College Days

As the first Belmont University student to have a song on a Billboard chart, as well as the first to have her own record label, Linde’s successes are a college grad’s dream; or rather, the dream students envision for life after they graduate. Linde is a recipient of the Helen M. McLoraine Figure Skating Scholarship Program, as well as an Academic Scholarship and a Senior Grant from Belmont University. Pursuing her major in Music Business, Linde’s


college experience includes an impressive résumé of activities, including training as a figure skater, 16 semester hours of classes, the resulting homework from a day’s worth of classes, her job as an Ice-Girl for the Nashville Predator’s Energy Team, and her membership with the Belmont chapter of CHAARG. In addition to these activities and responsibilities, Linde’s ambition to break into the music industry began during her Freshman year, and continued into her Sophomore year, at Belmont with songwriting; from her Sophomore year and into her Junior year, Linde found herself in the studio recording the songs she wrote as a Freshman.

Linde’s daily routine at school begins in the early hours of the morning (4 a.m., to be precise) and typically ends near midnight. While such a schedule seems daunting, Linde admits that her success in maintaining those demanding hours, meeting her daily obligations, and finding time to write and record her songs stems from her years training as a Nationally ranked figure skater. “One of the greatest gifts skating has given me is the tenacity to pursue something that knocks you off your feet time and time again. Music is definitely one of those paths that will kick you when you’re down,” she jokes, “but I love writing music that people stop and say: ‘yes, that’s totally me’. Music brings us together in ways that defy lines of religious, social, and political preferences, and I believe that’s incredibly important. THAT is why I love to write and sing.”

But tragedy would strike Linde at the 2016 USA Figure Skating Nationals, Linde would suffer a career ending concussion, crushing her dreams to compete at the 2018 winter games. Both she and her partner were nationally ranked at the Junior level, and as a Senior level team—the highest level—they were Gold Rated and eligible to compete for a spot in the next Olympic Games. Although Linde and her skating partner of ten years no longer train to compete, they both continue to skate together to stay in shape and relieve the understandable amounts of stress placed on each with their demanding schedules.

The Linde LaChance Experience

When describing her transition from competitive figure skating to working her way into the Billboard’s Country Music chart, Linde eloquently maintains that who she is and the tenets she wants her brand to represent are rooted in both of her passions. “What makes me unique is my music and my background in figure skating. As a young girl, I learned how to test my limits and become tough through the rigors of training. There are too few sports out there for young girls that teach them to be tough.” Her work as an Executive Member with Belmont’s CHAARG chapter encourages college-age women to own their fitness regimens for a healthy and positive lifestyle.  As an emerging musician, Linde is eager to establish her image and brand as a female artist to promote body positivity, self-love, and health and fitness for girls and women.

Currently: Linde is touring the US with Ice Creative Entertainment’s production of Peter Pan and Friends On Ice. She plays the lead character, Wendy, and sings live while also skating for the show.

To learn more about Linde, visit her at or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also follow her YouTube channel for singles from her latest album.

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