Jenny Leigh Miller

Military veteran turned country singer, Jenny Leigh Miller is a talented singer and songwriter with strong ties to the Nashville music scene and her native New England home. Her vocal talents are being compared to the likes of Faith HillCarrie UnderwoodJennifer Nettles and Trisha Yearwood and her songs offer a reassuring dose of catchy pop phrases, passionate story-telling, and strong country hooks. 

If this is the American Dream, then Jenny is living it. After residing in Nashville for 5 months in 2018 while working day jobs to pay the bills, she inked her first publishing deal and recorded her first EP with Grammy nominated producers and had the honor of writing songs with gifted Nashville songwriters. Recently, she received 3 nominations at the Josie Music Awards for Best Modern Country SongRising Star Vocalist of the Year, and Rising Star of the Year

Singing in front of large audiences throughout New England as a teenager, Jenny began an early interest in world affairs and signed up for the military where she embarked on a tour overseas and served at two U.S. duty stations. She learned to play the guitar while deployed and later realized that music was a pathway to healing which led her to writing her own songs while attending the University of Connecticut. It also wouldn’t take long before Jenny would quickly take notice of her audience’s enthusiasm and her ability to connect with them on a deeper level at her live shows

Jenny made her big country debut this year with her playful single, “Driving with the Top Down.” This summer-infused track, about a woman and her Jeep, “…is a perfect song to get in the mindset to hop in the car, roll your windows down, and get lost in somewhere or someone beautiful.” – Celeb Secrets Country 

American Heart” followed as her second single released in the summer 2019 with it’s premiere being sung at New London Connecticut’s Sail Fest and it’s video release is planned for this Fall.  Her latest single “Rugged Man“, also expected to be released this Fall, is predicted to launch her career to even greater heights.  

Much to the excitement of her adoring fans, Jenny Leigh is currently touring the U.S. promoting her new releases. “She follows in the footsteps of many female vocal heroes, from Ronstadt to Underwood, while displaying her own uniquely powerful vocal range.” –  Town Crier Café

“Jenny’s music remains appealing and extremely direct. There is also a lot of depth to her songwriting and she always creates a powerful dynamic balance between storytelling and catchy melodic writing…” – The Band Camp Diaries 

American Heart



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