Chris Darlington

Chris Darlington was born Marlon Christopher Darlington in Winchester, VA. His father played guitar and sang some original songs in Nashville. Chris taught himself to play the piano/keyboard. When he turned 15, he joined his father on the road as his keyboard player. This led to him playing in various bands along the way and he also started singing in these bands as well.

Chris Darlington’s biggest accomplishments so far would be writing and producing two songs in 2019 and getting to record with Nashville friend, Tim Galloway. Tim is a Nashville studio musician and was Chris’s band leader. He met Tim while playing downtown at a bar in Nashville. They have been friends ever since. Tim Co-wrote “Living Our Love Song” and has played on the road for many artists.

Some of Chris’s biggest influences growing up were Michael Jackson, Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Luke Combs and ACDC.

Besides his passion for Music he also loves to work out and lift weights. He also enjoys relic hanging with a metal detector. He loves to eat and loves spending time with his kids. Something that most people don’t know about him is he had a choice to play in Nashville at Bars on Broadway or be a Police Officer. That was an extremely hard decision for him, but he chose to be a Police Officer as he wanted to watch his kids grow up and be around his family. Now, he has found a way to be both and is very excited about his career in the music industry.

Chris Darlington – Where I Come From
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