Cary Miller Band

are the 3 original band members. The band formed because Andy and Cary  met in a hotel in Iowa where they worked at the same  company clearing right of way for Americas Oil Pipelines not knowing each other before hand  Cary and Andy  already had ONE thing in common. MUSIC. Cary had brought his guitar along with him and showed Andy some of his ORIGINAL music Andy grew very fond of his music because it was country/pop/rock. He then told Cary of how he used to be a drummer and had to sell his drum kit when he joined the U.S. Navy, they both reminisced about how they used to be in bands in high school, Andy then told Cary of a Band he used to idolize back then little did Cary know it was one of the bands he’d been in  playing bass at the time. Cary was kind of reluctant when Andy suggested the idea of forming a band, Cary said well if you can find the players then ill start a band with you, Cary thought good luck because he’d been searching himself and had no luck. Shorty one week later, Andy had done the impossible and had found all the members of the Cary Miller band Cody Cox on bass which Andy and Cody had been prior comrades growing up and a lead guitarist who eventually didn’t work out although the band  still went on to play shows consisting of  the TRIO they still made some really good headway and gained attention, they remained the TRIO  until Cary invited “Lare Bear” Larry Jarman to come and see if it would be something he  would be interested in although Larry never says he’s a full time member he’s ended up being a full time/part time member as needed to fill the vacant spot and has been a great asset to the Cary Miller band. The band  has been going strong chugging along ever since hence #Millertrain. Opening for Nation wide acts and Nashville recording artist (which the (Cary Miller band is also  ) in less than 3 years they’ve grown considerably as one and don’t plan on stopping until they reach the goal they have set in mind… so until then they’ll just #Millertrain  it to the top.

“100 Proof”


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