Raven Cliff

raven-cliff-spin-doctors-nashville-250x250The members of Raven Cliff believe that if you put together unique talents from various backgrounds, and let them breath, it yields something far greater than the sum of its parts. Their recipe is one part farm hand and chef, one part high school band director, one part NASA engineer, and one part mountain explorer. The thread that ties it all together and makes it work is simple: a mutual and foundational love for music.

The authentic style born into Raven Cliff, named after a fishing hole in southern Virginia, has proven to be too unique to label, combining elements of southern rock, traditional country, bluegrass and pure love of all other genres. The boys have been selling out nearly every venue in Nashville since the beginning, and the band can also say they were personally signed to the star-studded roster of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) by CAA President John Huie himself as one of the only bands on the roster without label support.

‘VooDoo Whiskey’

The foursome has been travelling the country nonstop to share their music and wow audiences with a dynamic live show and friendly energy that captures their brotherhood mentality and makes listeners feel right at home. Having opportunities to share the stage with artists such as REO Speedwagon, Craig Morgan, Tracy Lawrence, and Joe Nichols, no stage is too big or too small for Raven Cliff to work their magic.

The boys have supported live shows with intense CD sales, including over 4000 hard copy albums moved without distribution or label support. Proud of their achievement and passionate enough to take it to the next level, they are beginning a push to digital album sales and radio support to reach a larger audience than they can just through their engaging live show.

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